Madison County 2014 Candidates

List of Madison County Candidates (2014)
Democratic and Non-Partisan

Board of Commissioners (D) 3
Richard (Ricky) Ball
Patricia R. Franklin
Norris Gentry
John Graeter
Jeanne Hoffman
Clayton Rice
Sue Chandler Vilcinskas


Board of Education Chair (NP) 1
Theresa Banks
Sandra Tolley


NC House of Representatives (D) 1
Dean Hicks


Clerk of Superior Court (D) 1
Mark A. Cody


Sheriff (D) 1
Buddy Harwood
C. John Ledford


Board of Education Dist. 1 (NP) 1
Robert Chambers
Ricky Ingram
Barbara E. Wyatt


Board of Education Dist. 2 (NP) 1

Lori Hagan Massey
Spence Rice


US House of Representatives (D) 1
Tom Hill
Keith Ruehl


US Senate (D) 1
Kay Hagan
Ernest T. Reeves
Will Stewart


Supreme Court Chief Justice (NP) 1/Seat

(Parker) (Parker Seat) Ola M. Lewis, Mark Martin


Supreme Court Associate Justice (NP) 1/Seat

(Hudson) (Hudson Seat) Jeanette Doran, Robin Hudson, Eric Levinson

(Martin) (Martin Seat) Sam J. Ervin IV, Bob Hunter

(Beasley) (Beasley Seat) Cheri Beasley, Mike Robinson


Court of Appeals Judge (NP) 1/Seat

(Hunter) (Hunter Seat)  Lucy Inman, Bill Southern

(Stroud) (Stroud Seat)  Donna Stroud

(Davis) (Davis Seat)  Mark Davis, Paul Holcombe


District Court Judge District 24 (NP) 1/Seat

(Hughes) (Hughes Seat) Warren Hughes